People are always asking me how I got into tv and weather, and I'm never really sure how to answer it! I guess it's a number of things that got me fired up - one was growing up in many different countries with hugely contrasting climates (Scotland, Saudi, Cyprus and of course good ole England), another was having a fighter pilot for a dad who LOVES talking about the weather, and last but not least, I'm afraid I'm a sun worshipper and the thought of being able to forecast where to go for the best sunshine every weekend was too good not to miss! So I went through a tricky process of six and a half years exams and lectures to learn how to become a meteorologist, a forecaster and then a presenter - tho the presenting part amounted to just 1 months training! Scary that they let me on air after that! But now I've been doing it for 7 years, presenting weather every day, for both tv and radio, as well as a weekly half hour current affairs show 'Inside Out' which is so varied and such a treat to film! I also do extra nature and wildlife pieces for independent production companies, such as 'Nature of Britain' and the 'Seven Wonders' series which was fab! I love learning new facts about every day things, - like did you know a mosquito has 49 teeth, and a bee visits 5000 flowers just to make one teaspoon of honey??!! I'm very lucky and nothing quite beats the buzz of going on live tv! (though wingwalking came close. Actually that wasn't a buzz, that was pure fear!)

So, after seven years here I'm hoping to carry on developing as a broadcaster, doing new challenges, and maybe one day getting my own live science show, experimenting and demonstrating how science works - but most importantly learning new things whilst having a laugh!