'A day out at kew gardens. It's beautiful there, and even if you don't know anything about plants, it's fascinating!'  


'Filming for Inside Out - This adorable Newfoundland dog, called George, had to jump into the north sea to save me from drowning!  They're incredibly strong swimmers, with a natural instinct to save people.  Absolutely amazing!  This was all part of an experiment we were doing for the programme-  It'll be on tv later in the year! Inside Out 730pm BBC 1'


Our filming team in action! Inside Out took on the art of 'tree surgery' - it was great fun climbing 50 ft up a tree and seeing the world from up there! Beautiful!

Recuperating with juice, crisps and cookies!.

Another giving blood one.

Forecasting out and about at whitstable oyster festival.

My latest adventure - at a church today in Hastings giving a talk about 'Whether we can Weather the Weather!' - a talk about forecasting and climate change - hence the heavy expressions and concentration! Everyone was so lovely, and they gave me a special mug to commemorate 150 years of their church, I was very touched!

Filming for the new series of Inside Out (starts Sept 17th, BBC1 730pm).  Joined the Kent underground exploration team and they took us to underground WW2 bunkers - absolutely fascinating! But also quite eery being 40 or 50 ft beneath the surface, embedded within the white cliffs of Dover and realising that thousands of soldiers would've hidden there in the war, with planes flying overhead, the sound of gun fire…it was quite spooky!  The Kent Underground Exploration Team know where to explore by going to the archives offices up in London and getting detailed maps of where these things are so they know where to dig! 

This is me filming the links for the first programme, back on air on 17th sept, 730pm, BBC1.


I found myself opening a bmx track at the weekend - it was great fun!!! Herne and Broomfield, near Canterbury, had arranged for this magnificent site to be turned into a track, and i couldn't believe how popular it's proved!! the place was rammed! cyclists from the age of 3 to 73 were all having a go!! 360metres of lumps and bumps for the skilled (and not so skilled!!!) cyclists to manoeuvre over. I have to admit i was quite nervous as i'd never been on a track like that before! but everyone looked after me so well, and only laughed a little bit when i nearly fell off at one point!! doh! if you get the chance to visit, it's well worth it and you'll have so much fun!


Sunday 26th August - me preparing for the Blue Planet Live performance at Tonbridge School (notice bottle of wine in the cooler on the table!  - don't worry I only managed a glass as i was so nervous!).  More than 2000 people turned up to listen to the 72 piece magnificent English National orchestra, conducted by George Fenton.  It was a breathtaking experience and one that I'll cherish forever! Picture on the right-check out the moon too! very atmospheric!


Picture left- With Matt Bulley and Hannah Farrell (Area Manager) 'Gourmet Burger Kitchen's First birthday in Tunbridge Wells 10th October. Yummy burgers and wine - what a great combo!' Picture right- Doing the weather in Margate.