'It's been a great fun year so far - absolutely chuffed to bits to win Regional Personality of the Year at the RTS awards recently! Still can't believe it and I have my lovely award perched on my kitchen windowsill - so I can grin at it while I do the washing up! how sad!

I also got to go wingwalking for the first time, on a 1940's plane - to be honest, being strapped to the wings of a plane and travelling at 160mph whilst the pilot did aerobatics was a truly horrific experience! i was really glad I did it, but much more glad when it was over and I was still alive! I still get flashbacks now...urghhhh

Inside Out is currently being filmed for the next series and will be going on air some time in September so it looks like a busy summer ahead as we have 27 different film packages to make by then! Plus I've been filming a new series called 'Nature of Britain' taking a look at the wide variety of landscapes and interesting wildlife of the south east. It'll be coming out in 2008 as part of an Alan Titchmarsh series. Sadly I haven't met him yet, but I'm working on it! You may have also seen me cropping up on BBC 2's 'Return to Lullingstone Castle' with Tom Hart Dyke, he's an absolute fruit cake and persuaded me to go to a dance class with him, we were awful! sadly it was all filmed. That, and the wingwalking...could end up being an interesting year!

Oh and just a bit of gossip for any celebrity spotters - went to a party with Jordan and Peter Andre and they were hilarious!! They kept having mini arguments in front of everyone, and Katie P was, erm...very crude! She was really skinny in real life, but I have to say looked pretty gorgeous too! I got to speak to them briefly...but I think they just thought I was a nutter fan! Touche!'